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August 31, 2022


What do you get at Bowler's Paradise? Well, you get a good set of bowling balls and accessories for the lanes, for league play or recreational play, or whatever you're doing at a bowling alley…


Here are some of the extras thatwe sell online with an e-commerce model that puts customer service first and offers the true bowler a real source of gear and equipment for the lane!


Gloves and Wrist Supports


Bowling as a sport is hard on the wrist, or at least it can be.


Different types of gloves and wrist supports help to prevent injury and increase and promote smooth range of motion on the lanes.




Taping a ball is also something that's important.

“For most bowlers, lack of consistency is caused by improper release, which is usually directly attributed to an inconsistency in the approach,” writes an author at theNational Bowling Academy’s web site. “One of the easiest ways to improve your bowling ball release is to focus on your bowling steps in the approach. To do so, we have a simple drill that helps you hone your footwork, get your hips out of the way and reach the lane at the same location each and every time.”

That’s where taping comes in, according to this type of bowling advice. 

“All you’ll need to improve your bowling steps is a single piece of tape,” the same expert adds. “By placing a strip of tape on the lane and sticking to the line, you can develop and maintain a proper bowling stance throughout your approach. This drill trains your bowling steps by both encouraging that all-important crossover step and allowing you to determine how much you’re drifting on the lane as you approach the foul line.”

Taping, though, is a process.First, you’ll have to estimate the thickness that you need, and calculate the needed tape. There's also some prep that goes into this process, with accessories like a grease pen. Then you'll place the tape strategically for the best result. There are also different types of tape! We can help you get the kind that you need.

Bowling Shoe Heels and Soles


These additions to bowling shoes can be helpful in various situations.


Maybe you’re in danger of sliding over the line or slipping on the lane.


You don't want to damage the wax on the bowling floor.


So that's important, too. Take a look at our shoe additions. 

Geteverything you want for a great bowling experience with Bowler’s Paradise and be confident about what's in your toolkit. On the lanes, you will be the envy of every other league player, or whoever is next to you by the ball return.

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