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High Performance Bowling Balls

Made from advanced technology and revolutionary materials, professional bowling balls are designed to provide each bowler with a phenomenal playing experience. As they are created to provide balance and hook potential (among many other things), they’re a must-have for every player who’s dreaming of a memorable performance.

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Made For a Phenomenal Performance

Our professional-grade balls are designed for players who are looking for the best core/cover combinations in the market. They provide phenomenal hook potential on various combinations, giving you that ‘high performance’ in every tournament or leisure game. 

While usually designated for experts, our professional bowling balls are also great for casual players looking to elevate their potential. So if you’re looking to control your game, earn high scores, and become a more confident player, know that you can always choose from our wide variety of high performance bowling balls. You’ll never go wrong with our tried and tested products, with brands ranging from Roto Grip to Motiv.

The Hub For All Your Bowling Must-Haves

Bowlers Paradise is the premier destination for every smart bowler. From entry-level balls to mid-performance or upper mid-performance balls, you’ll find your trusty playing essential here. Whether you’re looking for something from our in-house brand Elite, or prefer products from Columbia 300 or DV8, we’ll ship your $99 and above order to your contiguous US address for free. You can even have them drilled or personalized to your liking. 

On top of our extensive collection of professional bowling balls, we also offer other bowling must-haves, such as bags, shoes, and accessories

If you want to get all your needs at discounted prices, look no further; you’ll get them all here at Bowlers Paradise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Performance refers to the ball’s hook potential and reaction shapes. High-performance bowling balls offer great hook potential in different conditions. They also feature additive materials and curing processes that result in more calculated designs. Mid-performance balls have strong cores that pave the way for a better game, while upper-mid-performance balls fare a little bit better—though they’re not as superb as the high-performance ones.

You can play like a pro bowler by:

  • Using the proper grip, which should be at least one size smaller
  • Positioning your thumb underneath your professional bowling ball
  • Keeping your elbow close to the body for better control
  • Following through with your shot
  • Avoiding mistakes, such as bouncing the ball or putting too much spin

Professionals start by choosing the right high-performance bowling ball, which should weigh about 10% of their body weight. Next, they follow the proper techniques, which include starting with a hook grip and keeping their elbows straight. They also release their thumb to get more spin on the ball. They also use their wrist when they throw their professional bowling ball, as doing so provides more control and power to the shot.