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Motiv Bowling Balls

Professional and dedicated bowlers need specially designed bowling balls that support their strategies and unique approaches to the game.

This bowling ball line has a lot of the advanced characteristics that experienced bowlers want in a new bowling ball.

For example, check out the range of reactive coverstocks and asymmetrical cores offered by these Motiv bowling balls, from a great brand name and a provider of high-quality goods.

Take a look at friction surfaces, and how this will influence your play on the lanes. Browse balls and check out high or low oil lane function, to think about how these will work on a particular surface of play.

Then you can also look at laser scanned surfaces and custom artwork on your bowling ball!

All of this and more is yours with high-design Motiv products that impress everyone in the lane. Check out these product profiles for more:

Motiv Jackal Ambush: this bowling ball has a solid reactive coverstock and asymmetric core for a high hook in moderate oil, and a smooth roll. Weight range is 12-16: length 43, backend 68, hook 85.

Ripcord™ Launch Bowling Ball

This ball has Motiv’s new Propulsion™ cover technology and is tuned for friction, with a new cover, and a density-modified symmetrical Torx™ V2 build. It’s a super-compact ball with moderate RG and a 5500 Grit Laser-Scanned, Polished (LSP) finish (Motiv uses Power Gel® Shine Ripcord Launch)

This ball has great motion and a “snappy backend reaction” – try it out!


Color: Dark Purple/Purple/Berry Core: Torx V2 Coverstock: Propulsion MVP Pearl Reactive

Finish: 5500 Grit LSP Weight: Range 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 Length: 16 Backend: 18.5 Hook: 56

Flare: Potential 5"+

Motiv Pride

With a brand-new core and cover stock, this ball is poised to impress. Its Dominion Core and other features make it good for moderate-oil lanes, with good overall friction. Think about whether you need support for a speed dominant or rev dominant bowler – read the specs here (and you’ll also get more data about the average Motiv ball in our collection):

RELEASE DATE: 10/13/21 CONDITION:Medium Oil WEIGHTS: 12# - 16#

INNER CORE: Dominion™  COVER STOCK: Coercion™ UCS Solid Reactive

FINISH: 4000 Grit LSS · 15# RG: 2.50, Max Diff: .042, Int. Diff: .010

BALL COLOR: Solid Black / Gray / Orange  NEOMARK COLOR: Solid Gray / Gold Pearl

Let Bowler’s Paradise be your ecommerce shop for these and other top Motiv balls – and everything else that you need to make a splash at the lanes! Ask us any questions that you have about shipping our top bowling goods to you – we support the real passionate bowlers! And we’re proud of our track record among those who love the lanes.

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