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Bowling Accessories

For new bowlers, pros, and every other bowler out there, Bowlers Paradise brings those who love the game premium, brand-name bowling balls and accessories that make bowling even more fun. Quality makes the accessory, and quality’s what you’ll find at Bowlers Paradise, with brands like Elite, Storm, and Hammer to choose from.

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The Latest Bowling Accessories

From shoe slides to bowling ball accessories like finger inserts and other “must haves” for serious players, Bowlers Paradise brings you the latest in refined bowling aids. With the right wrist supports, cleaning towels, and a quality set of finger inserts, you’re set to rack up the strikes. Our stock comes to you from top brands like Elite, OTB, and Brunswick, including storage bags, shoes, and balls of all kinds.

Your Source for the Best in Bowling

For 25 years, has taken great pride in being the premier bowling supply resource for bowlers of all levels. From novice bowlers with shoes so new they pinch to our veterans of the lanes, Bowlers Paradise has something for everyone. Serious bowlers find every possible stepping stone to victory among our collection of bowling accessories. Hit the lanes in style with the pros at Bowlers Paradise!

Frequently Asked Questions

Dry hands, we think you’ll agree, are key to the game of bowling. For that reason, the answer to your question is “yes.” Having accessories on hand like puff balls and grip sacks can keep your hands dry, improving your play. You may also find that you prefer to play with finger inserts.

Soft and pliable finger inserts prevent rubbing and friction caused by the holes in the bowling ball not being a perfect fit. Inserts can also help as you get older, providing greatly enhanced comfort in their cushioned support. When the ball’s not rubbing or pinching your fingers, you’re focused on getting that strike!