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Hammer Bowling Balls

 What do you get with a high-quality Hammer bowling ball?

This part of our catalog involves specialized bowling balls from a common provider known for quality and high-performance play. These are really interesting bowling balls from a maker with a good reputation in the industry – and they’re stylish options, too. So browse and see what you think of these Hammer balls.

Siaair Micro-Pad Finish

In addition to 500, 1,000 and 1,500 finishes, many of these designs get the proprietary Siaair Micro-Pad finish that's part of what makes these balls look spectacular in the lanes. Check out the specs for more, on the web site, and ask about special balls that will really up your game for strikes and spares galore.


Some of these balls have a reactive solid coverstock or a pearl coverstock to match the style and coloration of these high-performance balls. Again, this varies by model. Take your time to choose the ball that suits you.

2-Year Warranty

As you’ll see below, many of these balls come with a 2-year warranty, which gives you peace of mind about your investment in a better ball, and by proxy, a better swing on the lanes.

Some Examples

Some examples of Hammer bowling ball specifications show you what's in the catalog from this particular company.

First, you have the solid purple ball with a solid reactive cover and LED core available from 12 to 16 pounds with 500,1500 or the Siaair micro-pad finish.

Then you have the Black Widow urethane ball that combines a gas mask core with a pink coral cover and urethane pro coverstock, again, with weights from 12 to 16 pounds.

For a heavy oil lane, there's the Hammer Envy, with a launcher core, solid coverstock and aggressive mid lane and back end reaction. The same weight range applies, as does the two-year warranty on the above balls.

Also check out the Scorpion's Sting ball with LED 3.0 core, syntax pro coverstock and pearl reactive cover available in teal, silver or purple colors with the same weight range and warranty.

This is just part of the supply of competitively priced bowling  gear that we offer with shoes, accessories, towels, gloves and wrist supports and more. Get items like protective tape polishers and grips and inserts from a company that understands your love of the lanes, and check out our Black Friday deals this holiday season. We like to say that we carry “everything imaginable” and really – it’s a lot! But our acumen with shipping and warehousing means that you get access to all of the gear you need, at your fingertips. No pun intended!

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