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Top-Selling Bowling Balls

If you want to be the best, then you need to have the best bowling balls in your arsenal. Here at Bowlers Paradise, we are proud to carry all the top-ranked bowling balls. With brands ranging from Motiv and Storm to Roto Grip and Hammer, you will surely find the bowling ball that will augment your performance. Get yours today and experience the difference!

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Great Bowling Balls for Everyone

Our highly-ranked bowling balls are here to satisfy every type of bowler. From beginners to intermediate players to high-performance ones, we’re sure to carry a bowling ball that best suits your playing style. 

Our top bowling balls come in standard weights of 12-16 pounds, so you get the right ball for your weight. You can even have your ball drilled and engraved according to your specifications as well.

With Bowlers Paradise, you’re sure to hit the lanes in personalized style.

The Home of Top-Ranked Bowling Balls

Bowlers Paradise is the ultimate destination for players (like you) who are looking for a trusted shop that can cater to all your bowling needs. In addition to the balls, we also offer bags, shoes, and vital accessories. 

Whether you’re looking for new releases or those not in the market yet (pre-orders), we have them all here.

All our best bowling balls are available for shipping in the contiguous US. If you’re looking for a seamless buying experience, browse our collections today! 

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to maintain your bowling ball’s top performance, you should wipe it in between shots. Moreover, you should clean it with a liquid ball cleaner every 3 to 5 games. Doing so will keep your shots consistent. It will also help remove the dirt and grime on the coverstock that could otherwise affect the ball’s performance.

Technically, you can get your best bowling ball resurfaced as many times as you want. This is best done every 60 games, though some say you can play 250 times before having your ball resurfaced. That said, once the manufacturer’s name gets unreadable, then you should probably get a replacement.

Looking for a replacement for your resurfaced bowling ball? Be sure to browse our collection of top-ranked bowling balls here.

This depends on how often you use it, how often you clean/polish it, the temperatures it’s exposed to, and even your area of residence. As long as you care for and maintain your ball appropriately, it should last for 5-10 years. 

If your ball has already outlived its intended lifespan, worry not‚ÄĒwe offer top bowling balls at affordable prices. Get yours today!