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January 25, 2023

Pretty much everyone who visits the lanes is familiar with the look of the single bowling ball bag. You have your old Brunswicks from the 1970s made of tooled leather with legacy zippers and all the rest. Then you have your brand-new synthetic fiberbags that will seem to last forever without getting a nick or a scratch. Some people like the former – some people like the latter – it’s all good. 


But then you have the big ‘boss’ bags that you actually wheel behind you, because you have more than one ball inside. These sorts of multi-package bags are excellent ways to enhance your bowling experience. We have some of some of the best around in our modern e-commerce shop!


So why do people buy these multiple ball bags?


Bowling Balls and Bowling Cred


Maybe you want to have more than one ball on the lane for a game.


Many bowlers are obsessed with finding just the right bowling ball – the right weight, theright coverstock, the right core for their strategy, etc. But what if your strategy changes based on what frame it is? Won’t you want to have more than one option in your arsenal? The multi-ball bag accomplishes this. 




Rolling in multiple balls is also a great way to support your teammates.


If one of your compatriots lacks the exact ball that they need, in the heat of the moment on an important frame, you may be able to provide one from your own collection.


And that might make the difference between your team sobbing into their beer or enjoying a pizza party afterward. Okay maybe that’s a bit hyperbolic, but in the end, your teammate will probably appreciate that you came to the rescue at the right time. 


Your Way


Showing that you have multiple balls to bring to the lanes shows how you approach your line strategy. It's an alpha move. It's a proactive investment in doing the best you can with every game.


So that's a little bit about the appeal of these multiple bags at least in our experience as we talk to people who have bought them and who love to use them on the lanes. 


But we have the balls to go in these bags, too – modern bowling balls with the coverstocks and cores and specs that you want. We have the bags, the balls, and all kinds of great bowling accessories. A lot of people say that – but we deliver the goods! Take time to browse the site, and then think about what you want from “the store” to have a great time next time you go bowling. We arehere to improve your bowling experience, and we stand behind our products – just like you will when you’re getting ready to swing away!

Justin McNally
Justin McNally

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