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February 08, 2024

Here is our list of the top bowling balls for 2023!

We started off the year with the Motiv Jackal Ambush, and finished with the 900 Global Sublime, and across the Brands of Brunswick, Storm and Motiv, 82 non-spare balls were released in 2023.

Some of them were alright arsenal fillers, some of them sucked and were discontinued in months, but a few truly stood out from the rest, giving bowlers of all skill levels and experience great shapes on the lanes. Now as is normal within the bowling world, the great bowling balls were great at different things. Some were strong, smooth and continuous, while others were clean, angular and flew off the spot. Some were purpose built for sport shots, and others were great for the traditional league setting. So with this being a great year for bowling balls, we decided to hand out some awards in a few different categories including most versatile, smoothest reacting, most creative design, best for sport shots, most angular and last of all, the 2023 Ball of the year. Each of these categories had some amazing nominees, so picking winners was anything but easy, but we made it happen just for you.

Now, when you disagree and you wanna go all Will Smith on me (clip), go ahead and scroll on down to the comments section to throw your tomatoes and let me know what I got wrong.

Most Versatile Bowling Ball

MOTIV Pride Dynasty:

Brunswick Ethos:

Storm DNA:

Hammer Envy Tour Pearl:

Smoothest Reacting Bowling Ball

900 Global Eternity Pi:

Roto Grip Duo:

Brunswick Knockout Bruiser:

Track Sensor Solid:

Most Creative Bowling Ball

Hammer Nu Blue:

Radical Outer Limits:

Roto Grip Clone:

Motiv Tank Yellowjacket:

Best Bowling Ball For Sport Shots

Roto Grip Tour Dynam-x:

DV8 Trouble Maker:

Brunswick Mindset:

900 Global Eternity:

Most Angular Bowling Ball

Motiv Nuclear Forge:

Track Theorem:

900 Global Zen Gold Label:

Storm Virtual Energy Blackout:

Best Bowling Ball of 2023

Storm iQ Tour Ruby:

Brunswick Teal Rhino Pro:

Ebonite Emerge:

Motiv Black Venom:

Justin McNally
Justin McNally

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