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May 06, 2021

The right ball can make or break a good bowling experience. Urethane balls, especially, create magic in the lane. Many bowlers over the world swear by urethane balls because they just feel right.

With the advent of newer coverstock materials, urethane has lost its popularity. It used to be the prime choice for bowlers, but materials like reactive resin seem to have taken over. Nonetheless, one cannot deny the unique strengths of urethane. If you are still skeptical about using these, this article takes you through the six best balls and what makes them so incredible.

What are urethane bowling balls?

Until the 1950s, the popularity of plastic balls was widespread. They were simple to use, and new players could learn quickly how to handle them well. However, over time, they were replaced by urethane balls. This new coverstock was completely irresistible to players. Their unique features and phenomenal performance spoke for themselves.

Urethane balls have more hook potential than plastic balls, and less back-end violence, which increased their popularity by tons. They also give good pin action and generate a good amount of friction. They are also longer-lasting than plastic balls.

The pearl bowling balls are one form of urethane balls. The other form is solid bowling balls.

The solid variety generates more friction with the lane than the pearl urethane ball. However, the former expend energy very soon and end up carrying low energy to the pins. Pearl balls are hence, more powerful. Many people prefer them over solid urethane balls. Pearl balls are comparatively expensive, but the price is worth the experience and quality they deliver.

In the further sections, we will provide more detail on urethane balls and why you must try them at least once, along with listing the top 6 urethane bowling balls you can purchase, and our personal favorite!

Best 6 Urethane Bowling Balls Comparison Chart

Preview storm-mix-blue-silver_2000x brunswick-u-motion-bowling-ball motive-purple-tank-bowlling-balls storm-pitch-black_2000x-min storm-fast-pitch-solid-urethane-bowling-ball_2000x storm-pitch-purple-solid-urethane-bowling-ball_2000x
Name Storm Mix Blue Silver Bowling Ball Brunswick U-Motion Bowling Ball Motiv Purple Tank Bowling Ball Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball Storm Fast Pitch Solid Urethane Bowling Ball Storm Pitch Purple Solid Urethane Bowling Ball
Brand Storm Brunswick Motiv Storm Storm Storm
Coverstock U1Sā„¢ Pearl Urethane Solid Urethane Solid Urethane Controll Solid Urethane Controll XL Solid Urethane Rev-Controll Solid Urethane
Core Traditional 3-piece U-Motion Flux Capacitor Core Tour Block Capacitor
Core Type 3-piece Symmetrical Symmetrical Symmetrical Symmetrical Symmetrical
Available weights 6 - 16 lbs 12-16 lbs 14 - 16 lbs 12 - 16 lbs 12 - 16 lbs 12 - 16 lbs
Finish 3500-grit Polished 500/1,000 Siaair Micro Pad 1000 Grit LSS 1000-grit Pad 1000-grit Abralon 1000-grit Abralon
RG 2.69 2.596 2.57 2.57 2.61 2.57
Differential 0.006 0.02 0.015 0.022 0.03 0.022
Recommended Lane Condition Light Light Oil Medium Oil Dry Medium-Light Oil Medium-Light Oil
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Top 6 Urethane Bowling Balls for 2021

The top 6 urethane bowling balls for 2021 are:

  1. Storm Mix Blue Silver Bowling Ball
  2. Brunswick U-Motion Bowling Ball
  3. Motiv Purple Tank Bowling Ball
  4. Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball
  5. Storm Fast Pitch Solid Urethane Bowling Ball
  6. Storm Pitch Purple Solid Urethane Bowling Ball
  1. Storm Mix Blue Silver Bowling Ball


    The storm bowling ball is known for its high performance, but not everyone wants premium performance. This bowling ball is best for recreational bowlers who want to get their feet wet or the seasoned bowler who needs a better spare shooting option. Its traditional 3-piece core boosts its predictability, while the urethane coverstock ensures durability that other balls cannot offer

    The storm mix blue silver bowling ball is better than the storm mix purple silver bowling ball introduced in 2018. Its core is brand new, with a dense differential, a slightly larger RG rating and lower mass bias, creating a solid middle lane read for more power and flexibility.


    Coverstock Type: Urethane

    Core type: 3-Piece

    Recommended Lane Conditions: Dry lanes/Low Oil Volumes/Spare Shooting

    Reaction type: Smooth and Controllable/ Straighter Option

    X factor hook rating scale (1-20): 4

    Radius of gyration (RG): 2.69 (15lb.)

    Differential (Diff): .006 (15lb.)

    Flare Potential: Low

    Core: Traditional 3-piece

    Coverstock: U1S Pearl Urethane

    Factory Finish: 3500 Grit Polished

    Color: Blue/Silver

    Release Date: 02-22-2019


    • Consistency
    • Control
    • Hook potential
    • Impact power
    • Mid-lane roll


    • Poor durability
    • Low 15lb breakpoint
  2. Brunswick U-Motion Bowling Ball

    Columbia 300 White Dot Lava Fire Bowling

    The Brunswick U-Motion bowling ball was named the best urethane motion ball after about 6-9 months of testing and research. With high RG/low differential, the new U-Motion symmetrical core gives a smooth consistent roll just as you have come to expect from a urethane ball.

    The solid urethane coverstock completed at 500/1000 Siaair Micro Pad will eliminate any guesswork from your game because of its consistency and predictability. It is most effective on lighter volume and shorter patterns.


    Color: Dark purple/Black

    Coverstock: Solid Urethane

    Weight Block: U-Motion

    Factory Finish: 500, 1000 Siaair Micro Pad

    Flare Potential: Low to Medium

    The radius of Gyration (RG): 2.596

    Differential (Diff): 0.020

    Breakpoint shape: Smooth Arc

    Performance: Mid performance

    Core type: Symmetrical

    Recommended lane conditions: Light Oil/Shorter Patterns

    Reaction type: Smooth controllable ball reaction

    X factor hook rating scale (1-20): 10

    Release date: 03-05-2020


    • Predictable ball motion
    • Long durability
    • Energetic deliveries
    • Maintains excellent lane length
    • Its symmetrical core helps to glue to the desired path


    • Doesn't like oil
    • Too tough for non-expert players
  3. Motiv Purple Tank Bowling Ball


    Motiv tank series is famous for their control on the toughest of lane conditions. With these same criteria, the Motiv purple tank urethane bowling ball was introduced. These purple tank bowling balls have a true urethane coverstock, unlike their predecessors. The coverstock on this ball was designed using the microcell polymer technology without the issues created by oil absorption. This coverstock was designed to develop control as well as aggressive traction. The proven flux core is paired with the purple tank ball to boost control and lower the track flare when bowling. This core is great on wet and dry lane conditions when bowlers need a shallow angle. The motiv purple tank is incredible on harsh oil patterns, short sport conditions, and big rev bowlers seeking more control by allowing for incredible traction in the middle lane and the control down the lane that the urethane is best known for.


    Color: Purple

    Type: Symmetrical

    Recommended lane conditions: Light to Medium Oil, Short oil patterns

    Coverstock: Solid urethane

    Core: Flux

    Finish: 1000 Grit LSS

    Reaction type: Smooth controlled motion on drier lane conditions

    X factor hook rating scale (1-20): 10

    Flare potential: Low

    The radius of Gyration (RG): 2.57

    Differential: 0.015

    Ball performance: Mid performance balls

    Release date: 03-10-2021


    • Strong and durable
    • Excellent for entry-level bowlers
    • Compatible with different lanes
    • Cost-effective
    • Easy customization


    • Not suitable in heavy oil lane conditions
  4. Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball


    The storm pitch bowling ball comes with old technology and modern game spin. This bowling ball is the best for wood lanes and shorter oil patterns. It's made to fight dry lanes and short oil patterns, which are often found today. And the thing is, on these conditions, you want a predictable ball motion that is controllable and reads all parts of the lane. This ball's new capacitor is designed to regulate your potential for a flare, allowing the ball to be much more controllable and not overreact on short oil.


    Color: Pitch black

    Core: Capacitor

    Core type: Symmetrical

    X factor hook rating scale (1-20): 12

    Coverstock: Controlled solid urethane

    Finish: 1000-grit pad

    The radius of gyration (RG): 2.57

    Differential: 0.022

    Recommended lane condition: Light oil

    Ball performance: Mid performance balls

    Release date: 05-27-2014


    • It provides accurate control and heavy hitter potential on short and depleted oil patterns.
    • It acts as an addition to your generally shot motion on drier lanes.
    • It provides the best urethane experience of any bowling ball.
    • It breaks early and ends its hook before getting to the back of the lane.
    • It provides peak control and smooth geometrically sound hooks.


    • Not suitable for heavier oiled lanes with complex, long oiled patterns because it loses all its strength and becomes a complete paperweight.
    • There isn't much of a total hook to be had and whatever hook there is needs to be done early.
    • It's dependent on the friction from drier lanes because of its poor oil absorption.
    • Lower rev balls struggle with the Storm Pitch Black on medium oiled lanes.
    • It cuts the efficacy of the ball down for bowlers without extra power behind their shot.
  5. Storm Fastpitch Solid Urethane Bowling Ball


    The Storm Fastpitch Solid Urethane Bowling Ball is another superb addition to Pitch bowling balls' already successful Storm lineup. It introduces the Control XL Solid Urethane coverstock and wraps it around the Tour Block weight block. The radius of gyration for the Storm Fastpitch Solid Urethane Bowling Ball is higher, along with a medium differential that allows the ball to read the lane right where you need it to. This bowling ball is versatile, making it a perfect mix of early read and entry angle when on drier and shorter lane conditions.

    Many bowlers look to Storm to create an excellent entry angle, but not all situations need maximum ball motion. Shorter oil patterns and drier conditions can be as challenging as the lane with oil-backed up to the headpin.


    Coverstock: Control XL Solid Urethane

    Coverstock types: Urethane

    Core: Tour Block

    Core type: Symmetrical

    Reaction type: Early read with very smooth controlled motions

    X factor hook rating scale (1-20): 11

    Finish: 1000-grit Abralon

    Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.61 (15lb)

    Differential: 0.030

    Recommended lane condition: Medium-Light Oil

    Brand: Storm

    Ball performance: Mid performance balls


    • It is easy to control as it offers outstanding control
    • One of the best choices for beginner bowlers
    • Ideal for hook shots
    • Greater overall reaction
    • Coverstock urethane makes the high-performance ball durable beyond belief
    • Though ideal for dry lane condition, it can perform admirably on other lanes too
    • Remarkable capacitor core offers predictable ball motion


    • It has a slow reaction and is thus not suitable for bowlers who bowl at a high speed
    • Not the best urethane bowling ball for oily lanes
  6. Storm Pitch Purple Solid Urethane Bowling Ball


    The Pitch Purple highlights an overhauled coverstock with the time-tested Capacitor core. It does not just hold the outstanding control and feel of its predecessors, the Pitch Blackā„¢, but it also satisfies the famous back-end movement that the storm is prestigious for. This significant degree of control will give forceful players the license to swing for power. Finesse players will find their target without fuss while the ball maintains adequate force at the pins.

    Higher rev players and those with more slow speeds will adore the Capacitor Core as it is a genuinely moving work of art. Pure consistency at its best, this design makes you a definitive expert on your ball movement. The higher radius of gyration and lower differential will give the bowler a long and smooth move on more challenging conditions.

    Rev-Control Urethane has enough back-end potential to hit steep points and certainly make it back to the pocket. This uncommon blend of urethane mid-lane with a responsive back-end is a bonus that makes this ball perhaps the most flexible ball to date.


    Coverstock Type: Urethane

    Recommended lane conditions: Light to medium oil, short oil patterns

    Reaction type: Smooth Motion on the Dry or Short Oil Patterns

    X factor Hook Rating Scale (1-20): 12

    Color: Solid purple

    Finish: 1000 Grit

    Flare potential: Low

    The radius of gyration (RG): 2.57

    Differential: 0.022

    Weight block: Capacitor Core

    Release date: 02-21-2020


    • The core is a traditional 3-piece
    • The Storm Pitch Purple Solid Urethane bowling balls are highly durable
    • This ball offers controlled, predictable motion, making the bowling ball a fantastic choice for a spare ball and a strike ball on dry lanes
    • It's meant for the bowler who enjoys smooth and even balls rolling motion
    • One of the best urethane bowling balls for a beginner


    • Too smooth for heavy oil conditions
    • The Storm Mix bowling balls don't offer much in terms of back-end reaction and pin-carry action

Bowlers Paradise Pick For The Best Urethane Bowling Ball for 2021

Our pick for the best Urethane Bowling Ball for 2021 would be the Motiv Purple Tank Bowling Ball. As one of the more popular bowling balls, the Motiv Purple Tank Bowling Ball is an absolute gem. It is mainly because:

  • it is powerful and durable
  • excellent for amateur bowlers who need to sharpen their bowling prowess
  • Finish: High Gloss Polish
  • compatible with different bowling lanes, so you don't have to worry about the lane you are playing on
  • cost-effective, so you don't have to break the bank when buying a bowling ball
  • easily customizable to your preference

A Guide on How to Choose Your Ball

There are several sizes and types of balls, bowling with the right one will improve your consistency but choosing the right ball could be a difficult task for beginners.

Having gone through the top urethane bowling balls, you would have understood that every single one of these bowling balls has unique elements that made them find a spot in our list of top urethane bowling balls. While going through the reviews above, you would have matched your requirements with the various features offered by every one of these urethane balls. It would have helped you shortlist 2-3 bowling balls that would best suit your requirements.

We offer some further help with choosing the best one from your shortlisted items. We recommend that you read this guide thoroughly to help you decide which urethane bowling ball would be the best for you.


The method to pick the weight is pretty straightforward. It should not be too heavy to such an extent that it causes your hands to fatigue. You should be able to handle the ball for an extended period comfortably.

The weight of the bowling balls goes from 6 lbs to 16 lbs. A grown-up male usually uses balls that weigh around 14 to 16 lbs. Grown females, on the other hand, incline toward the ball weighing about 10 to 14 lbs. What's more, the balls weighing less than 10 lbs are ideal for the children.

Therefore, as an amateur, you should start with the lower range in your particular category.


The size of the bowling ball you use should depend on your age. However, there are regulations regarding the size of ball you should use for some competitive bowling games.

Bowling balls generally come in sizes ranging from 8.5 to 8.595". You should pick the one according to your age, skill, and level of comfort.

It also helps when bowling balls are made available according to the age of the bowler. This way, there is no ambiguity concerning which ball you should use.


The kind of core used in making the bowling ball makes a huge difference. There are comprehensively three different kinds of cores as Pancake, Symmetrical and Asymmetrical cores.

Pancake cores are typically for beginners. These cores allow for greater stability and balance; hence, the ball rolls generally in a straight line. They don't offer too much hook with these cores.

The symmetrical cores are not as steady as the pancake cores but offer sensible balance to the bowlers. It requires skill to have stability, and thus, the more seasoned bowlers use them. These balls have a considerable amount of hook potential and can get some curve also. In any case, you may still stay in charge of the ball movements.

The asymmetrical cores are not uniformly shaped; hence offer huge chomps and curves to such an extent that you may lose your power over them. The most proficient bowlers use these cores.


There are extensively three types of coverstocks: Plastic, Urethane, and Reactive Resin. Presently, since you have picked urethane coverstock, you should choose among the various kinds of urethane coverstocks. Some coverstocks are more aggressive and reactive than others. You should select the ball with the coverstock that suits your style and also your degree of experience with the game.

Aside from the type of coverstock, its finish in Grit is also a significant factor. A grit value of 500-1000 usually is good for the heavy oil lane conditions, while a higher grit estimation value of 4000-5000 would help in dry lanes.


It is one of the essential factors to consider while purchasing the bowling ball. If you are a beginner, you will lean toward a more reasonably priced ball, while for an expert, the ball's features would outweigh the cost of the ball.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, it is advisable not to spend pointlessly on features that don't add any value to your ball or help boost your skill in bowling. Also, you should not settle on the important factors to buy a cheaper bowling ball.

Getting the holes drilled

When you have the bowling ball, and each aspect has been looked at, you should have the holes bored to meet your hands' needs and give you the ideal comfort for playing the game.

Regarding drilling the holes, it is vital to have this done by an expert as this will help you have it done correctly.

Taking the bowling ball to your local bowling shop will be the ideal step to have the holes drilled in perfectly, and they will also understand the core and the geometry of the bowling ball to ensure that everything goes smoothly as you would expect it to be. At Bowlers Paradise, we offer custom and standard drillingĀ services. And if you have never done this before, it is strongly recommended that you do not do this at home.


The urethane is likely to make a comeback as the most popular bowling ball. In the 2000s, they might have lost their value in the market when reactive bowling balls conquered the lanes. With the new core, great performance, and same handling, the urethane bowling balls are the new trend.

You would have realized that buying a decent urethane bowling ball requires a decent amount of knowledge about the game and the various types of balls and their features in different lane conditions. It needs a great deal of patience to choose the last one while weighing each factor against your specific requirement.

I hope that through this buyer's guide, you would have known the elements to consider while buying the best bowling ball for your particular purpose.

Frequently asked questions

Below are some questions that most bowlers need answers to:

Why Should I Buy an Urethane Bowling Ball?

You should buy Urethane Bowling Ball because it gives much better surface friction than other bowling balls. This provides the bowler with a much more dynamic range of control and hooks power over the ball. Also, the Urethane Bowling Balls offer consistency during gameplay.

When Should I Buy Urethane Bowling Ball?

You can buy Urethane Bowling Balls whenever you want, whether you're a beginner or a more seasoned bowler. The great thing about urethane bowling balls is that they have different types for the different range of bowlers and different bowlers' proficiency. There are many types for your specific needs and preferences.

How to Clean Urethane Bowling Ball?

To clean the Urethane Bowling Balls, all you have to do is use a good oil cleaner like Clean and Dull, Hook-it, or Lane MastersĀ cleaner to remove oil. Always try to clean your urethane bowling ball once every two weeks to keep them clean and ready for use.

What Kind of Lane Conditions is Urethane Bowling Ball Good For?

Urethane Bowling Balls are great for dry to medium lanes. You will recognize that you have better power and control over these lanes' balls, and they will provide you with a good hook.

How to Drill a Urethane Bowling Ball

Many people have no clue how to drill a Urethane Bowling Ball, and there are many different options. Before you drill the ball, you must know how you throw the ball, the conditions on which you bowl, and your delivery specs. Unless you are a pro bowler, you should take your urethane bowling ball to a pro shop to help them drill your bowling ball. We at Bowlers ParadiseĀ can also drill your bowling ball.