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Vise Ball Polish 8 oz. Bowling Cleaner

Vise Ball Polish is safe to handle and safe for all cover-stock types of bowling balls. Vise Ball Polish was introduced in 2014 and has quickly found it's way into the finest pro shops and the lockers of the world's best bowlers.ξ

Compound is the first step in our system of polishes. After deep cleaning the ball with Vise Ball Cleaner, apply Compound in a cross-hatch fashion which will take the ball's surface to approximately 500 grit. As Vise Compound adjusts the underlying finish of the ball, it also applies a fine layer of polish at the same time (turning two processes into one). This finish will offer the most total hook of any of our polishes. The shot-shape will be the "least" angular of our polishes, producing a more even or arch-shaped movement.ξ

If Polish produces the "look" you are seeking, stop here and go bowl. If you want more length and less total hook, then move to the third and final step in our system of polishes which is Vise Slip Agent.ξ

Shot shapes may differ depending upon the bowler's speed and rev-rate ratios.ξ

Our polish is effective whether it is applied by hand or with a ball-spinner.ξ

Vise Ball Polish may be used alone or as the second step in our system of polishes.