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Storm PhysiX Bowling Ball

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Storm PhysiX Bowling Ball

The PhysiX is the latest entry into the high performance Premier line for Storm. It uses the new Atomic asymmetrical core design that is nearly identical in RG, total differential, and intermediate differential to the RAD-X core from the Sure Lock. On the outside, the PhysiX gives the return of the NRG Hybrid Reactive cover, which comes out of the box at a 3000 Abralon finish.

The development of the new PhysiX has been a sprawling process that has spanned several years. Dialing in the precise dynamics of a shape that is iconic to the Storm brand was our ambition, and the PhysiX became our destination.

Firmly ensconced at the top of the Storm performance heap is the all-new Atomic Core. Yes, it officially boasts a 0.053 total differential in a 15 pound ball, and the rest of its prodigious oomph accepts credit from the strategically placed inlets surrounding the oval bolt and greater mass displacement along the z-axis creating an enhanced intermediate differential. With extreme amounts of power and dynamics, the PhysiX almost feels like cheating

With the cover that was first introduced on the Virtual Gravity™ Nano, NRG nanotechnology is essentially manufacturing with atoms. It gives bowlers increased oil traction due to the micro-dynamic enhancements of the surface.