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SaVi Foaming Shoe Cleaner

Product description:


  • 4.75" high
  • 1.25" wide
  • 2 oz spray foam bottle
  • Spray on, wipe shoes clean with microfiber cloth
  • Use on bowling shoes and all types of athletic shoes/sneakers
  • Easily store this 2 oz bottle in your bowling bag to cleaner your bowling shoes after each use! Will last up to 30 cleans
  • Biodegradable

SaVi Bowling Products brings you a bowling industry first! SaVi Foaming Shoe Cleaner designed specifically to clean the uppers of your expensive bowling shoes. It can be used on leather, man made uppers, mesh and almost any type of bowling shoe on the market. It is also approved to clean all types of athletic shoes/sneakers. Simply spray on to your shoe and wipe clean with a microfiber cloth for best results. This 2 oz bottle can clean your shoes up to 30 times and can easily be stored inside of your bowling bag!