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Radical Results Bowling Ball

Radical Results Bowling Ball

The Results features newly developed core technology whereby we were able to increase the intermediate differential and the total differential to create a more dramatic motion off the spot but still maintain the continuation and shape that has made Radical the industries technology leader. We have done this without the need for any trick drillings or extra holes. The Results also uses the popular hard-hitting DynamiCore and is wrapped in the exciting new TP1 cover (Textured pearl) featured on the hot-selling Conspiracy Theory, so it's strong enough for heavier volumes yet tunable for moderate conditions.

Our study showed that the increased intermediate differential in The Results creates a more dramatic change of direction. Even more than you have seen from previous Radical balls, but most importantly, The Results continues through the pins resulting in greater pin carry. Mastering the higher intermediate and total differential has allowed us to create a more dramatic ball motion, one that even has us wondering how we did that. #RadicalRevolution. The attractive red and gold pearl cover adds the finishing touches to The Results, making it a performance masterpiece.