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Motiv Power Gel Scuff 16 oz. Bowling Cleaner

When used on bowling balls with a polished finish, Power GelŒ¬ Scuff will increase surface friction and improve hooking power. The scouring compound also doubles as an oil absorber - apply it to the ball surface and allow it to dry to a powder. As it dries, lane oil is lifted from the pores of the cover stock and captured. When the material is completely dry, just brush or vacuum it from the ball surface. Ball cleaner and scouring compound in one formulation.

  • Formula removes marks, dirt, lane oil, and grime
  • Will remove minor surface scratches
  • Available in 16oz. squeeze bottle.
  • The low VOC Power GelŒ¬ Scuff formulation is biodegradable and utilizes natural solvents, making it an environmentally responsible solution.