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Motiv Blue Tank Bowling Ball

Motiv Blue Tank Bowling Ball 

Microcell Polymer is back by overwhelming demand! MOTIV® is featuring this special cover technology along with the Halogen™ V2 core on the new Blue Tank™. This combination creates a ball that offers the most traction through the front of the lane in the history of MCP. The added traction and strength found in the Blue Tank™ allows for bowlers to benefit from a controlled, urethane-like shape on higher volumes of oil than traditional urethane allows.

The Halogen™ V2 core was chosen for the Blue Tank™ to help provide more traction in the oil than the very low differential cores often used in traditional urethane balls. It has a high RG yet enough differential to produce more flare when strong layouts are used. It can also be drilled with a low flare layout like many traditional urethane balls.  This versatility is what makes the Halogen™ V2 core perfect for the Blue Tank™.

Condition: Medium Oil
Weights: 12# - 16#
Inner Core: Halogen™ V2
Cover Stock: Frixion™ M3 Microcell Polymer (MCP) Pearl
Finish: 1000 Grit LSS
15# RG: 2.59, Max Diff: .023
Ball Color: Blue Pearl
Neomark: Solid Black

Category: Bowling Ball
Brand: Motiv