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Motiv Amplify Bowling Ball Cleaner 8 oz

Motiv Amplify Bowling Ball Cleaner 8 oz

Elevate your game to a new level with Amplify™ spray ball cleaner.  It utilizes degreasing agents to easily remove marks, lane oil, and grime leaving your bowling ball squeaky clean and ready for action!

Packaged in an 8oz refillable aluminum bottle. Take advantage of the Amplify™ refill option at your local pro shop for maximum value and to help reduce landfill waste.

Amplify™ is USBC approved, and effective August 1st 2019, is only allowed before and after certified competition, along with all other liquid cleaners.

  • 8 oz refillable aluminum spray bottle
  • Easily removes marks, oil, and dirt
  • Leaves your ball squeaky clean
  • USBC approved