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Hammer Clear Magic Starter Kit

Hammer Clear Magic Starter Kit


Hammer brings you the perfect cleaning kit. The new Hammer Clear Magic Starter Kit keeps you ball at the peak of it's performance. The Clear Magic is a plant powered bowling ball sheet which is mixed with a 7 Oz of water and is to remove the belt and scuff marks, debris, dirts and lane oil from the ball's surface and make totally tacky to thorw at it's original pace. The package includes a 7 ounce bottle. You need to add once dissolving clearning sheet into it and pour water in the bottle. With the bottle filled with water it becomes an excellent cleaner.

  • Includes: 1 (7oz) bottle + 1 cleaning sheet
  • Place cleaning sheet in bottle then add water
  • Plant-infused cleaning sheets completely dissolve in water
  • Removes beltand scuff marks, dirt, debris,and oil
  • Restores tacky feel
  • USBC approved for beforeand after competition
  • Refill sheet packs sold separately
  • Brand: Hammer
  • Category: Bowling Accessories