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Ebonite Choice Solid Bowling Ball Blue/Orange

The Choice Solid is the new high performance ball from Ebonite for the upcoming bowling season. It uses the same Mod-1 asymmetrical core design as both the Choice and the Choice Pearl. The combination of this low RG and high differential core and the GSV-1 Solid coverstock gives the Choice Solid the largest amount of hook potential in the entire Ebonite product line. The sanded hybrid version of this cover has been used on balls like the Futura and original Choice, but the change to the solid formulation on this ball makes the Choice Solid an absolute hook monster.

Choice Solid will be your go to ball for heavy oil patterns. The combination of the GSV-1 coverstock and MOD-1 core will provide endless traction in the oil while storing plenty of power for the backend of the lane. Making the right Choice has never been easier.

GSV-1 Solid – The GSV-1 coverstock is the next generation of the most trusted and proven covers in bowling, our GB series. GSV-1 Solid will create more traction in the oil compared to its Pearl and Hybrid counterparts. By wrapping it around the Mod-1 Core, Ebonite have taken aggressiveness to a whole new level.

Mod – 1 Core – Ebonite has taken the Centrex Symmetrical Mass Bias core from The ONE and modified the shape, which lowered the Intermediate Differential to allow for easier length through the front part of the lane and better continuation down lane.