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Dexter THE-0 Slide Adapter

Dexter THE-0 Slide Adapter

Dexter has combined the technology of the popular SST & T·H·E 9 series shoes to bring you the T·H·E Slide Adapter Sole! This convenient adapter sole allows you to attach Dexter SST slide soles on your T·H·E 9 shoes! Proper application of the three adhesive areas of the adapter to the base of the shoe prevents damage to the shoe & efficient slide. Slide soles not included.

No Slide Sole included

  • Includes 1 Slide Adapter Sole
  • For use on Dexter T·H·E series shoes
  • Attach adapter to base of shoe & apply SST Slide to the adhesive surface
  • Slide soles sold separately
  • Brand: Dexter
  • Category: Bowling Shoes

Sizing information:

XXS - Men's 4.5, Women's 5-6
XS - Men's 5-6.5, Women's 6.5-8
Small - Men's 7-8.5, Women's 8.5-10
Medium - Men's 9-10.5, Women's 11
Large - Men's 11-12
XLarge - Men's 13-15