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CA196 15

Columbia 300 Savage Bowling Ball

Size Guide

The Savage rolls into Columbia 300’s high performance Red Line Collection, joining the Lit and the Lit Pearl. It uses the same HyperSHOCK Technology additive in the filler material as the Lits, but it features a new asymmetrical core design. The Savage core gives this ball a slightly higher RG and slightly lower intermediate and total differentials than the Lit Asymmetric core. This ball also has a new coverstock called Exciter Solid. It comes out of the box at a 500/2000 Abralon finish, giving the Savage plenty of traction through the oil.

The ALL NEW Savage is made up of Columbia 300’s new Exciter Solid coverstock and Savage core. Designed to give you incredible midlane traction and mind blowing back end continuation, this Savage combination is too good for even the heaviest of oil.

HyperSHOCK Technology (patent pending) helps power the ball through the pins by controlling the influence they have on the ball’s path through the deck. Columbia 300 balls with HyperSHOCK not only get you to the pocket, but drive through like no other on the planet.