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BBF-SHAMMY-DELUXE Deluxe Brown Leather Bowling Shammy Pad Mitt


Bowling Ball Factory brings you the Deluxe Double-Sided Shammy Pad. We took the traditional brown leather shammy pad and added an additional grey side with an opening for you to wear the shammy pad like a mitt. This glove will allow you to easily clean your ball using the grey side between each shot and the Brown side to deep clean your ball after your bowling game. We also added an inner layer that will absorb the unwanted oils from your bowling ball. This is a must for all bowlers from beginners to the pros!

  • Double-sided Leather Mitt with an inner layer that absorbs unwanted oils and maintains your bowling ball
  • Grey side to clean your bowling ball between shots
  • Brown side to clean your bowling ball in between games
  • Deluxe overlocking stitching with a larger design to allow you to use the shammy pad like a mitt