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May 31, 2022

When you go looking for a new bowling ball to strut your stuff with on the lanes, a lot of your result has to do with what you're looking for.

Different types of bowlers have their own wish list when it comes to bowling ball features, and that's going to impact what they buy. Some are looking for the most affordable entry-level bowling ball, while others are looking for high performance balls for league play or other advanced use. Sometimes it helps to break down what’s involved in shopping for these different kinds of bowling balls.

High Performance Bowling Balls

A high performance bowling ball has optimal core and coverstock design, along with good hardness and balance.

New types of bowling balls include models with multipart cores, and features like a reactive coverstock.

For an example of excellent high performance bowling ball design, take a look at the Elite Predator – a contender on the lanes with style and sleek design to match.

These types of bowling balls are drilled, cored, and designed in a superior way to outfit advanced bowlers making their way toward higher frame marks.

Entry-Level Balls

Some other bowlers are looking for something in a lower price range.

For about one quarter of the price of the Elite Predator, you can get the Elite Pearl ball that has a decent build and a lot of visual appeal.

Take a look at some of the color choices here, for example, at the Elite Pearl charcoal ball, or a bright pink or red design.

It's all part of creating the best bowling ball for continuous play and long-term enjoyment in your favorite local bowling alley. When you have the right ball, you’re more confident about your ability to lean toward the strikes and away from the gutters. There’s ergonomics to think about, too!

You’ll also want to take a look at sizing and wait for your particular bowling ball purchase. That goes back to the question of ergonomics, too. You don’t want excessive weight to have an impact on your musculoskeletal health, or how you walk when you’re not bowling.

We have the balls and gear that are attractive to so many new bowlers or returning customers who use our e-commerce catalog to get what they need for spares and strikes.

Take a look at some of these offers to get discount prices on excellent high design bowling balls and other related equipment.

Justin McNally
Justin McNally

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