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Elite Star Purple Royal Silver Bowling Ball

Shiny, Shimmery, Yet Sturdy

Looking for a reliable yet eye-catching starter ball? Then this purple galaxy bowling ball from the Elite Star Series is perfect for you. 

And its performance is just as great as it looks! Made of Elite Armour Polyester and a saucer core, it’s ideal for throwing straight shots or spares. With its high-gloss polish and 80-82 hardness, it’s good for drier conditions since it can skid further. That said, this ball can be used to play any type of lane!

Every Recreational Bowler’s Dream Ball

The Elite Star purple and blue bowling ball is a must-have for recreational bowlers or anybody else in need of a reliable spare ball. Available in weights ranging from 6 to 15 pounds, it’s perfect for young and female bowlers. And yes, men can enjoy using this ball, too!

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Your One-Stop Shop For All Your Bowling Needs

When it comes to purple and blue bowling balls, ball bags, shoes, and other accessories, you’ll find them all here at Bowlers Paradise. We carry all the top brands, including Hammer, Storm, OTB, and our very own in-house label, Elite

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  • Ball Color: Purple/Royal/Silver Pearl 
  • Saucer Core 
  • Coverstock: Elite Armour Poly 
  • Hardness: 80-82 
  • Ball Finish: High Gloss Polish 
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty