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Roto Grip Hustle BRY Bowling Ball

A Reliably Versatile Bowling Ball in Red and Blue

There’s something to be said for a Hustle that’s there when you need it. And the Roto Grip Hustle BRY Bowling Ball offers that to you in its red and blue Reacta Gloss finish. Specially engineered for light to medium oiled lanes, this little hustler isn’t the aggressive type. This ball’s a bit sneaky, playing both sides of the road when necessary. And that’s the beauty of a versatile ball. You’re always in complete control.

By Stealth: The Roto Grip Hustle BRY Ball

It’s in the core that any ball in the Hustle line establishes its versatility. The symmetric core creates a dynamic that can go either way on light to medium lanes, depending on your strategic use of the ball. Beginners earn their stripes by learning how to bend the trajectory of a bowling ball using exactly this sneaky red and blue one. But professionals (even Champions) exploit the versatile traits of this sly, stealthy hustler, too. Explore our selection of the latest accessories to discover even more sophisticated strategies for ball control. And stealth.

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  • Performance Level: Mid Performance
  • Color: Burgundy / Red / Yale Blue
  • Core: Hustle™ Core
  • Core Type: Symmetrical
  • Coverstock: VTC™ Hybrid Reactive
  • Cover Type: Hybrid Reactive
  • Finish: Reacta Gloss™
  • Lane Condition: Light Oil - Medium Oil
  • Weights: 10 lbs. - 16 lbs.
  • RG: 2.53 (15 lbs.)
  • DIFF: .030 (15 lbs.), INT DIFF: N/A
  • Brand: Roto Grip
  • Category: Bowling Balls
  • Warranty: One-Year Limited Warranty