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Entry-Level & Beginner Bowling Balls

At Bowlers Paradise, we’ve curated a collection of balls perfect for new bowlers. You’ll find balls in styles and designs that reflect your personality. So go ahead and take a pick from the latest launches from Elite, Brunswick, Storm, and so much more. We know you’ll find one that is perfect for learning the best techniques!

The Best Bowling Balls for Beginners

Having the right bowling ball will make or break your game. That’s why, here at Bowlers Paradise, we make sure that new players get the gear they need. We have an extensive collection of beginner bowling balls, all catered to meet each player’s needs. Our products come in different weights and are suited to fit various lane conditions, reactions, and so much more. You can even have your ball personalized to your liking so it stands out!

No need to search far and wide to get your very own entry-level bowling ball (or any other gear, for that matter). You’ll find everything you need here at Bowlers Paradise.

A Bowler’s Paradise Indeed

Since its launch 25 years ago, Bowlers Paradise has become the foremost destination for every player. So, if you’re looking for a bag, a pair of shoes, or accessories such as wrist supports and grip aids to complete your game, we have them all here. 

We ship to the contiguous United States, so you don’t have to drive far or endure long cashier lines just to get your beginner bowling balls and other essentials. We also have a rewards program that earns you points for every purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s all about picking a ball that suits you. The weight should be 10% of your body weight. Entry-level balls are designed to provide a minimal hook, which is much easier for beginners. Lastly, beginning bowlers can benefit from a symmetrical core. This will help you hook the ball smoothly.

The rule of ‘thumb’ when fitting a beginner’s bowling ball is that the thumbhole shouldn’t feel loose, but it also doesn’t need to be so tight that your thumb might get stuck. It should be just tight enough that you can let go of the ball without gripping it too much. As for your fingers, they should go into the holes so that you can still see your joints cleanly.

As a new player, having one bowling ball should be enough (at least for the meantime.) But if you want more, you’re sure to find ‘spares’ here at Bowlers Paradise. You can even have them engraved and drilled to your liking!