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Columbia 300 White Dot Peek A Boo Berry Bowling Ball

The “Miss Popularity” of Bullet Core Bowling Balls

This high-performing ball from Columbia 300 is the ideal addition to any bowling arsenal. A plastic ball designed to pick off those stray pins for a spare, the Columbia 300 White Dot Peek A Boo Berry bowling ball is one of the most popular balls ever made. Its straight-shooting, consistent performance, and colorful, swirly aesthetic have made it the darling of lane hounds everywhere. Plus its bullet core makes it even more special! While a pancake core is what you’ll usually find in a spare ball, what makes the White Dot Peek A Boo Berry so super special is its bullet core.

A Bullet Core Bowling Ball for Everyone!

This bullet core ball is a champion at picking off pins that remain standing to achieve a spare. And it’s all in the bullet core.  While most spare balls have what’s called a pancake core, the bullet core is shaped like a bullet, creating a different dynamic due to the heavier core. There’s no mistaking the ability of the Columbia 300 White Dot Peek A Boo Berry, a bowling ball that loves to pick off spares. Pair it with the right finger inserts, and you’ll knock out spares like there’s no tomorrow!

25 Years of Leading-Edge Bowling Tech

At Bowlers Paradise, we’re proud to have brought the latest bowling technology to our valued customers for 25 years. Always carrying the best brands in bowling, we offer the fruits of 21st-century knowledge with advanced bowling balls like the Columbia 300 bullet core, shoes, terrific totes, and accessories from brands like Elite, Hammer, and Brunswick. With us, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for! Sign up for our newsletter before you leave to be the first to know about our flash sales and more!

  • Performance: Plastic
  • Color: Peek-A-Boo Berry
  • Coverstock: Polyester
  • Cover Type: Polyester
  • Core Type: Symmetrical
  • Core: Bullet
  • Weights: 6-15 lbs.
  • Factory Finish: Factory Polish
  • Lane Condition: Any
  • Reaction: Straight
  • Radius of Gyration: N/A (15lbs.)
  • Differential: N/A (15 lbs.)
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty