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Bowling Ball Bags

Carry your bowling balls in style with any of our bag selections. We offer a variety of backpacks, totes, and bowling bags with wheels so you can transport your balls with relative ease. So, whether you’re thinking of bringing one or two (or even more) to the bowling alley, then make sure to invest in any of our trusty bags.

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The Latest (and the Greatest) Bowling Bags

With bowling balls weighing as much as 16 pounds, it‚Äôs a backbreaking task (literally) to carry them all. That‚Äôs why you need to have a bowling bag in your collection‚ÄĒyou don‚Äôt want to get injured before the game!

Here at Bowlers Paradise, we offer a variety of bowling ball bags that suit your needs. We have tote options that can fit 1-3 balls, while we have roller bags designed to accommodate up to 6. We also have backpacks where you can store your other necessities.

The Home of Quality Bowling Goods

From bowling bags with wheels to shoes and accessories, Bowlers Paradise is the home of all the products you need to make that strike. We carry only the best brands and their latest styles, so you’re always ahead of the competition. We also offer pre-orders and drilling/personalization services because we want your bowling ball to fit you like a glove.

With users commending our extensive product collection and exceptional customer service, it’s not surprising why we’re the go-to destination for discounted bowling ball bags (and more).

Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from your bowling balls and shoes, your bag should contain the necessities, such as bowling tape, towel, grips and inserts, cleaner and polish, grip aids, and skin protection.

It will also be good to stock your bowling bag with wheels with a nail file, nail clippers, wrist sweatbands, wrist support devices, deodorizing spray, pen, and notepad. You need to be fully ready at every game!

Whether you‚Äôre flying to a tournament or hitting the road, you should pack your balls in a bowling ball bag made with tough material, such as nylon or hardshell. Be sure to place paddings in between so your balls won‚Äôt get ‚Äėinjured‚Äô during travel.

Moreover, don’t pack your bowling balls with other belongings, as the heavy weight may damage your possessions.

Ideally, you should have two balls ready for a tournament. One should be used for strike shots, while the other one should be used for certain spares. 

That said, you can bring 3-4 balls (or more) in your bowling ball bag with wheels, especially if you want to be able to deal with the changes brought about by lane breakdowns every night. It’s better to be safe than sorry!