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900Global Honey Badger Yellow Poly Bowling Ball

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The Badger Yellow Poly Bowling Ball is the second ball from 900 Global to feature a traditional two-piece design. It differs from the first such ball, This reaction makes the Badger extremely user-friendly across multiple types of conditions.  it will always perform exactly as expected. Hooking at spares can be challenging enough on tougher patterns. Take the oil out of play and choose polyester.

900 Global Honey Badger Yellow Poly Bowling Ball
The Badger Yellow Poly Badger Yellow in the popularity of honey badger. Sometimes a ball is needed for demanding lane conditions, which is where the badger comes. This Badger Yellow Bowling Ball is ideal for demanding lane conditions when lane breaking requiring more angularity at the breakpoint
900 Global Honey Badger Yellow Poly Bowling Ball
  • Brand: 900 Global
  • Weights Available: 14-15 lbs
  • Color: Yellow
  • Coverstock: Polyester/Plastic 
  • Core: Pancake
  • Ball Quality: 1st Quality
  • Recommended Lane Conditions: dry lanes, straight bowling, or used as a spare ball.