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Storm DNA Coil Bowling Ball

Storm DNA Coil Bowling Ball

Storm DNA Coil is the perfect blend of coverstock and core to fabulously evelvate your game. The EXO Pearl Coverstock having Reacta Gloss finish paired with the Supercoil Core ensures the consistent and more dominating reactions. The Coverstock is able to prevent any unexpected reaction making sure a rollover is given on the lane. The ball with low RG reads the midlane early giving a strong hook at the down-lane.

Release Date: March, 15, 2024

  • Performance Level: High Performance
  • Color:Scarlet/Persian Blue/Raven
  • Core: Supercoil Core
  • Core Type: Asymmetrical Core
  • Coverstock: EXO Pearl Reactive
  • Cover Type: Pearl Reactive
  • Finish: Reacta Gloss
  • Lane Condition: Heavy Oil
  • Weights: 16-12 lbs.
  • RG:  2.47 (15 lb.)
  • DIFF: 0.053 (15 lb.)
  • Intermediate Differential (Diff): 0.023
  • Fragrance: Orange Pineapple Slush
  • Brand: Storm
  • Category: Bowling Balls
  • Warranty One Year Limited Warranty