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Element 1/2'' White Textured Thumb Insert Bowling Tape 100 Roll

Element 1/2" White Textured Insert Tape 100 Piece Roll

Are you looking to enhance the grip of your thumb inside of your bowling ball? If so, Element's White Textured Bowler Tape  could be the perfect item for you! This tape features a textured surface to help enhance your grip in your ball. The package contains a roll of 100 pre-cut pieces. They conveniently fit right inside your bowling bag and they are easy to put on! 

  • White tape features a textured surface to help enhance your grip.
  • Contains a roll of 100 pre-cut pieces.
  • Stores conveniently inside your bowling bag.
  • Made in the USA


     Peel tape off of backing. Insert tape completely into thumb hole with the rounded part of the tape on top. If needed, repeat with one or more pieces of tape for a proper fit.