Storm Tropical Breeze Black Cherry

Standard Drilling Chart
Standard Drilling Chart
This option is best for recreational bowlers who are getting their first bowling ball or have not had a ball professionally fit for them. Having a ball drilled at your local pro shop can cost as much as $50 or more. Our standard drilling options come in five basic sizes in both right and left hand. (X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large)
Below are five examples of typical hole sizes you will find in house balls at the local bowling alley.
House ball fitting examples.
Need help choosing a size? No problem!
Example: You like the 8 lb ball but the holes are too small. The 12 lb ball fits good but it's too heavy. The answer would be to purchase an 8 lb ball with Medium Standard Drilling. It's that simple!
*The suggestions above do not guarantee a perfect fit. It is just a simplified way of getting you a good fitting ball that you can go out have some fun with.
Standard Drilling Chart
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The crazy cool Storm Tropical Breeze Black and Cherry Bowling Ball combines exciting colors with intoxicating fragrances, balls for all skill levels to enjoy.  They utilize the proven Reactor reactive coverstock, which glides effortlessly through the heads, reacting downlane for excellent pin carry.

This great Black Cherry bowling ball is also beautifully polished.  You can sand it for a stronger reaction, or just enjoy the factory finish.

The Camber Core is created with an inverted lightbulb shape that ensures great predictability and control, which is a must for bowlers who use slower speeds or bowlers operating on dry conditions.

  • Color: Black/Cherry (Actual ball color may vary.)
  • Fragrance: Horizon
  • Coverstock: Reactor
  • Weight Block: Camber Core
  • Ball Finish: 1500-grit Polished
  • Flare Potential: 2"-3" (medium-low)
  • RG: 16#-2.57 15#-2.57 14#-2.57 13#-2.63 12#-2.65
  • RG Diff: 16#-.009 15#-.009 14#-.013 13#-.009 12#-.011