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Custom Drilling Service

It is a treat to be able to grab your new bowling ball right out of the  box and know it is ready to use right away.  Now you can enjoy this pleasure for a very low price with affordable custom drilling.  This Custom Drilling Service is the best inexpensive drilling service for advanced bowlers who own a custom-fit ball.  Save money and get expert drilling for your bowling ball, so you know it will be ready to deliver top performance.  Professional drilling service of this caliber can easily cost $80 or more through other sources, but now you can save some serious cash when you order your drilling right here.

All workmanship is of the highest quality. For any inquiries, please contact us and a qualified professional will be available to assist you.

 * Please note that most balls are drilled within 48hrs of receiving order. Finger inserts will not be secured so that adjustments may be made before gluing. Thumb holes will receive a minimal amount of bevel so that each individual can customize it to their liking.