Elf Bowling Game & Elf Bowling 2 Game: Elves In Paradise
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Strap on your best pair of bowling skates and polish up your shiny Christmas ball; it's time to save Christmas from those greedy little union elves. Help Santa show those elves what the true meaning of strike is! Special guest appearance by Kalvin Kroaker.

Program Details
File Name: elfbowl.exe
File Size: 1.104M
Requirements: PC-Pentium 133, 32 MB Ram, 1 MB VRam, Win95 or Win98
Developer: NStorm
Download Here: Elf Bowling1

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Download: Elf Bowling 2 Game: Elves In Paradise

"Who let the elves out?!" Those naughty boys from the North Pole are back and funnier than ever in Elf Bowling 2: Elves in Paradise. This year, Santa is on a pleasure cruise with his brother Dingle, who apparently runs a used ice service. As a diversion on the high seas, the Brothers Kringle have taken up a new form of Elf Bowling, shuffleboard. As either Santa or Dingle, you must shuffle elves to earn points over three rounds. Two humans can play, or you can square off against a computer opponent.

This is a very well developed game. Using a compass and "condition" gauge, you must send an elf to either the 100-, 200- or 300-point boundaries. Shoot an elf too far, and he instantly becomes a shark treat. Elf Bowling 2: Elves in Paradise offers all of the irreverent humor that made the original a holiday classic. The elves make funny wise cracks and dance and sing as you play the game. Elf Bowling 2: Elves in Paradise is freeware, courtesy of Nstorm and CDNow.

Program Details
File Name: elfbow2.exe
File Size: 1.498M
Requirements: PC-Pentium 200, 32 MB Ram, 1 MB VRam, Win95, Win98, Windows 2000, or Windows NT
Developer: NStorm
Download Here: Elf Bowling 2

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2) Select "Save This Program To Disk" in the pop-up window and hit OK.
3) Select the location on your computer you want to save it to and click "Save".
4) Locate the file name "elves2.exe" or "elfbowl.exe" (which ever one you downloaded) and double click on it to launch the game.

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