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Coaches' Corner SUSIE MINSHEW
Articles About Susie Minshew
My name is Susie Minshew. I am a bowlist. I am nuts about this sport. I started bowling when I was 38 (because someone asked me) and when I saw I wasn't going to get any better without some help, found a coach. His name is Bill Harris and, as Bob Summerville said, Mr. Harris has single-handedly populated the Halls of Fame of Texas with his students. I was having a great time learning and started helping him with his classes. I had been a public school teacher and although I was making a fortune at $7400 a year, had left the profession for management in the corporate world. And now here I was, teaching again, only this time it was a passion instead of a job.

I had been working in Logistics Management in hospitals during the day and taking lessons and bowling in the evenings and on weekends. The day job was a way to afford what I had found I really loved, bowling. Understanding that I was hooked and wanting to teach others about this wonderful sport, I attended the Bronze coaching class offered by USA Bowling in Hartford, Connecticut in March of 1992, the Silver Coaching Certification in April of 1994 in Reno, and achieved Gold Status in April of 2000.

My clientele began to build and on March 18, 1995, I took the plunge quitting the day job. I was worried that everyone worked during the day and I couldn't make a living teaching bowling but understood it was my 'sweet spot' and I had to try. To my surprise, there are all kinds of people who are available during the day: pilots, nurses, shift workers, self-employed people, etc. Some go to work late, come for lessons at lunch, or take off early. I have been teaching bowling for a living since that time. Although I live in Texas, I travel all over the globe trying to stamp out bad timing!

I have been a coach with our national team, Team USA as well as the coach for the Republic of Panama for the 1995 World Championships. I was privileged to be on the Selection Committee for Team USA in 2001 and was selected again in 2002. I've given thousands of private lessons and clinics all over the country. I teach both the Bronze and Silver classes for USA Bowling.

The more you know about this intriguing sport, the more you want to know. I hope you enjoy these articles and thanks for stopping by.

Visit Susie Minshew's web site.
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